The real ICON for Quality now Updates It’s Look!

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A Less-Colorful Seal of Approval – NYTimes.com

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The Good Housekeeping seal of approval, nearing 100 years old, has had some work done over the years: seven face-lifts, starting when it was only two years old. “The first one was very nice,” said Louise Fili, the graphic 

Seeking the Holy Grail in Marketing Home Brands | Making Mom

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The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval maintains its authority on quality, continually winning the trust of Moms everywhere. I recently wrote about the importance online product reviews play in the everyday brand decisions 

Since 1941, the Good Housekeeping magazine has promised a money-back guarantee if products that carry the seal do not perform as advertised.  I remember this promise but didn’t think much about it until recently when I found that the promise still exists!  The actual seal has changed slightly but the research of the products and the promise is still going strong!

So much to learn on the Good Housekeeping.com web site including the lists and results of products recently tested, lists of products not making the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, and now Eco-Friendly Products.





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