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Sloper Talk – Preamble
Slopers 101: “What is a sloper?”
Slopers 102: “Why would I want one?”
“Where can I get a sloper that will fit me?”
“How many measurements does it take to get a perfect sloper?”
“How CAN you tell when you’re done?”
“How can you use your fitted sloper to fit other patterns?”
“How can we make new patterns from our fitted slopers?”


Lauraline Grosenick holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. She has taught secondary high school and adult education sewing and patternmaking for more than 20 years in both private and classroom settings.

Teaching was one constant but not her only professional activity. While free-lancing in theatre costuming, Lauraline designed and produced Growin’ Ups(TM) – a line of children’s wear, using cottage industry manufacturing strategy. As a pioneer of CAD for clothing, Lauraline initiated and continues in the development and application of CADTERNS(R) Custom Patternmaking Program – computer software for personal patternmaking. She has published several small Computer Assisted Patternmaking booklets to accompany custom patternmaking software.

CADTERNS is a personal patternmaking program for IBM and compatible computers. It enables anyone to draft personal Ready-to-Style(R) slopers (basic patterns) for the purpose of modifying existing patterns to fit or styling new ones. CADTERNS Slopers can be made for any female figure ranging from 4’1″ to 6’8″ in height and from 27″ to 68″ at bust or hip. Slopers for skirt, pant, bodice, blouse and sheath can be calculated in mere seconds! Every pattern made from a personal sloper is a pre-fitted personal pattern.

Do check out CADTERNS home page at http://www.cadterns.com. At this Website you will find a wealth of information about personal slopers including on-line lessons on personal patternmaking.

Having taught in a wide range of communities from isolated and remote locations to large urban centres, Lauraline is pleased to add anywhere in the world including a-computer-near you through the WWW as her current classroom.

Lauraline AKA TheSloperLady
CADTERNS Custom Clothing Inc.

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