The Use and Misuse of Detergents




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I have been on a quest for many years to learn more about detergents but in one day I learned more than I have in 20 years!  Mothers wash many loads of clothes each day, not to mention the loads of diapers and publish what they have learned using various detergents.  “Back when” I had my kids there were no disposable diapers nor did we have non-chlorine bleach.  Now mothers make their own detergents and with the internet now post their recipe and money saving tips.


How do I know which Cloth Diaper Detergent to use? – My Cloth


Have you ever thought about why there are so many different types or styles of cloth diapers out there? It is most likely because many people have different preferences, budgets, and even ideas about what will work for their


There is nothing like the smell of fresh laundry that has been dried outside but detergents now have such “clean” smelling scents added which creates a whole new market.  I don’t mind the detergent that smells better than my perfume but the additives left in the fabric may not be good for my textiles.  Some detergents have optic brightners which make whites look whiter but do I need this if the garment is black?  The American Cleaning Institute has listed cleaning products ingredients on their web site.  What a great find, thanks to the mothers on the internet!



Common sense is an ingredient I found on almost all of the sites written by the mothers.  For example, one of the findings indicated that after using a particular detergent for several months, the diapers weren’t as absorbant as they were originally.  However, after changing detergents and washing the diapers several times, the diapers were back to their original absorbancy.  Common sense tells me that there were additives that stayed on the diaper.  Another mother reported that the enzymes in detergents seemed to irritate her baby’s skin.  Therefore I searched to locate detergents containing enzymes.enzymes in detergents industry, detergents – Enzymes in detergent


enzymes in detergents industry, detergents. Cleaner detergents. Consumers can now remove even the most difficult stains at lower t e m p e r a t u res, saving both on the use of energy and chemicals, thanks to the introduction of enzymes in


Did you know that using cold water to wash clothes may not dissolve the powdered detergents so it is recommended that liquid detergents are used.What Detergents To Choose For Washing Machines | latest news on


The most efficient detergent powders are the biological detergent powders. These powders contain enzymes and powerful chemicals which pull out the dust and dirt from the clothes in the best way possible. Another thing


I am overwhelmed by information on detergents so may come back and visit this topic again.  This time perhaps asking people who archive art?










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