The Versatile Wool Crepe


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The pebble effect of wool crepe is created by using alternate Z  and S twist yarns.  This spongy fabric comes in many qualities, the highest quality doesn’t wrinkle.

Wool crepe can be found in many types of garments from evening to day wear, from jackets to dresses to skirts to blouses.


Katie Holmes’ Chloé Wool Crepe Jacket | Red Carpet Fashion Awards


Who: Katie Holmes wearing a Chloé wool crepe jacket. Shop: Matches Fashion Global $1,984. Matches Fashion UK £1,280 / €1,536. Saks.com $2,295 / £1,510.16. Where: Out & About, New York

Depending on the color and design, wool crepe can be used in most all seasons.  Note the wool crepe dress in off white work on Nashville, Season 1.  Juliette’s Zac Posen Wool Crepe Dress Nashville Season 1, Episode


Juliette’s Zac Posen Wool Crepe Dress Nashville Season 1, Episode 9: “Be Careful of the Stones That You Throw”

Pre-treating wool crepe before sewing can be a daunting experience, especially when trying to decide which pre-treatment to use.  Dibs & The Machine: Wool Crepe Dress: Pre-shrinking


Researching how to deal with wool crepe, trying to fit my muslin, gathering confidence ( the hardest part), and trying to update my blog (did you notice?) This week was focused on my dear fabric. In the last post, a couple of

An interesting little fact about wool crepe is that it was used as a stage make-up prop as false hair and mustaches before 1850 and was applied with morticians wax to stick to the face.

No matter how your wool crepe is used, it is sure to be an important addition to your wardrobe.  Enjoy~






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