Time to Paint A Room or Two This Spring?

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If you have made the decision to paint a room this spring, how do you decide on the color?  How Dining Room Colors Make Us Feel…


You might not have ever given thought to this…but, did you know that the color of your dining room set’s a stage for how people will feel in it? Many of us choose paint colors and accents that appeal to us, never thinking of the

Perhaps the most important room is your family room.  What color now?  Ideas to Select the Right Family Room Colors | Smart Home


Good family room colors should reflect personality of family members and help building cheerful atmosphere inside home. Choose what atmosphere you will build.

Color psychology with a Pantone color chart:  Pick The Right Colour For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart


Pick The Right Colour For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart Whether you’re choosing paint for a room or designing a presentation, this chart, which matches specific Pantone colours, can come in handy. Created

Not quite ready to paint this spring?  Start pinning ideas to your Pinterest page to use later.  The Inspired Room had a Pinterest Party and invited everyone to join and pin their ideas.  Spring Decorating with Pops of Color {Pinterest Party!} – The


Spring is here! Are you ready to see some happy spring colors in decor? I am! So just for a little bit of fun, I’m joining in a “pinning party” with The Land of Nod + cupcakeMag Tuesday night! It’s all about pops COLOR! – a bright

Time for me to start pinning too!  We have lots of reorganization and new ideas to add at Judith Pinterest but it is an ongoing process.  Come join us and/or email us with ideas to pin.  Be sure and check the FabricFinder Pinterest Board to see if you can help find the pictured fabric.




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