To Bleach or Not To Bleach, What Was The Question?

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In the last 3 days Fabrics.net has received stories about laundry disasters and pleas to help.  The good news is that these disasters could have been prevented, the bad news is that chlorine bleach stains cannot be fixed.  Dyeing the bleached area doesn’t work because the damaged area will always be lighter.  Also the damaged area will, over time, become a hole.

There are several very good articles on other web sites like Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy which rates various cleaning products:  Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy

http://livinghealthynhappy.com/Feb 11

Bleach Chlorine Bleach and Chlorine-free/bleach alternatives. Both kinds of bleach are harmful in that they are corrosive and irritating, but “chlorine bleach” releases harmful chlorine gas and users have a higher risk of developing asthma and other respiratory problems.

Excellent advice from The Art of Manliness blog:  How to Remove Common Clothing Stains | The Art of Manliness


Chlorine Bleaches: A harsh, last-ditch remedy. Use with caution. Can damage fabric and discolor non-white cloth. Always test a small, hidden area first, and only if the tag does not say “No Bleach” or “Chlorine Free” on it.

More laundry disaster stories and some clever fixes can be found at ThriftyFun:Preventing Bleach Stains On Clothing | ThriftyFun


RE: Preventing and Repairing Bleach Stains on Clothing, 02/28/2006. I think you should start using a nonchlorine bleach, then you won’t have the problem. By WIsgal. RE: Preventing and Repairing Bleach Stains on Clothing

Other helpful hints:

-More is not necessarily better.  Too much laundry detergent just leaves deposits on your garments.

Cold water detergents should be used when using cold water in washing machines unless the detergent is a liquid.  Powdered detergents may not all dissolve in cold water.

-Always read the label on both the garment and the cleaning product.  You may think you know what the labels say but making sure you remember may save you from disasters.

-Hydrogen Peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach but adding water to hydrogen peroxide will not make a non-chlorine bleach for the laundry.

-Chlorine bleach that has not been diluted with water WILL damage fibers.  Although using chlorine bleach for art projects is fun and produces interesting art, the bleached areas will eventually turn into holes. 


If you have any disaster stories to share please email them to me.  I promise I won’t publish your email address.


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