Towel Dyeing

Hey Dizzy Girlfriend! Just wondered if it is possible to dye hunter green bath towels a black, also the navy blues ones, the same? Just having redone our bath in blacks/whites with red accents. I am ‘dying’ to dye the existing but-still-in-good-condition towels black. Someone said that using vinegar sets the dye. Is that correct? Can you tell me EXACTLY how to do this if it is possible. thanks…appreciate your help! Kathy

Hi Kathy, you won’t be able to get a dark, saturated black. Black is a hard color to get in any case, and you will be mixing with what you have, so it will come out muddy. If you want to try it, use the reactive dyes from www.dharmatrading.com. I suggest reactive dye Black 250. They have the full instructions on their website and in the catalog. Use HOT water and twice the salt as regularly suggested.
have fun,

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