Transfer a Photo Onto Velvet

Hi Jennifer.. just found your site- For a wedding gift- I know how to emboss a velvet pillow w/ a hot iron and a rubber stamp, but; How do I transfer a photo to velvet – for a Memory Pillow? I thought someone used glue gel at one time -Is this correct? I can’t seem to find any Photo Transfer Medium ( the consistency of glue) to use. Help, please- I must have it completely in several weeks! Thank you! Janet, a in-the- process-of-learning to be a self- taught artist.

Hi Janet,
Dharma Trading (www.dharmatrading.com) has some silk and also cotton muslin fabric that you can load in your ink jet printer. This is a good way to transfer the photo. I am not sure that velvet is going to be a good medium. I suggest appliquéing the photo on silk onto the velvet for the pillow. You could trim is with some vintage trim and attach other keepsakes.
Keep creating!

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