Trying To Fix Bleach Stains

Hi, Jennifer.
I bought a beautiful, unique linen skirt from Coldwater Creek several years ago. I had it in one of those laundry sorting things in the basement over the winter. Unfortunately (due to my poor organizational skills) it was directly on the floor, and too close to the drain. Due to a clogged pipe near the washer, water with bleach in it overflowed to the drain, and the clothes in the sorter were soaked. Of course, this lovely skirt was a victim.
I could have just asked my question without telling you all that, but I didn’t want to deprive you of the whole picture : ) I’d like to dye the skirt a uniform color. The bleached spots are front and back, and very conspicuous. The original color of the skirt is sage green. It’s not a very tight weave. Only about 10% of the skirt is damaged, but it’s quite conspicuous, and couldn’t be covered with a sweater. What’s your best advice for the type of dye and color I can use? Ideally, I’d like the end result to be as close to the original sage green color as possible. Is there hope?
Thanks so much for your assistance.

Dear Nancy,
I am sorry; I believe that the answer is “no hope” for your skirt. Unfortunately, when chlorine bleach hits a fabric, it chemically alters it so that it will not take the dye – neither Rit nor reactive dyes will adhere.
Chalk it up to the occasional laundry disaster and find another beautiful skirt. If you are inclined, you can look for a treasure at resale or consignment. Forgive yourself and remember that there are tons of clothes in the world!!! And the perfect new thing is coming to you.

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