Trying To Sew Acetate/Lycra

Hi Andy,
I’m trying to sew with an acetate/lycra blend and my seams have puckered and look horrible. I’m using my regular machine on a stretchy setting with a stretchy needle.
Do I need to invest hundreds of dollars on a serger?
Please help me because I think I’m doomed.

Dear Ellen: No need to feel “doomed”. You are in good hands here at Fabrics.Net. Our expert sewer, Judith, will handle your question. Good Luck, Andy

Hi Ellen,
I asked an expert, Gail at Dancing Designs who makes skating costumes and works with stretch. She replied:
Dear Ellen-DO NOT use the stretch setting on the machine. They don’t work great & are impossible to rip out. I would use a zigzag setting, about mid range for both length & width. May have to experiment a bit. The stretch needle is OK, but just for fun try switching to Schmetz Universal see if that helps. Sergers are of course the best for sewing on knits, especially one with a differential feed. You can now get them as low as $300- I wouldn’t bother with anything under that. I only paid $699 for my Juki Pearl line 3-4-5 thread & I sew hundreds of dance costumes a year on it & it is great. Best of luck! Gail

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