Tufting It Out

If you know the basics, measuring and marking out and things just aren’t going right.(Get you basics from your local library-or Merv’s Training Videos)

Then your problem is of the following:

Using the wrong button, you’re probably using a metal eye button which will not let the button completely into the cavity. The eye will not pop thought the covering, even after squeezing it.. The button to use today is the one with the prong back, which will just bend over. They used to have a button with a cloth back to loop your tufting twine through, but they no longer make them to my knowledge.

Anyway you can see where the folds are not down snug-its the button, The one with the metal eye will not allow the cover to be pulled into the button cavity, pulling the tuft fold into it’s proper position. To correct this problem, switch to the Button with the Prong back. Notice on the picture there is a tool to put the prongs in and then push it thought the fabric so the prongs don’t spread while passing through. We also have a pronged and metal eyed button with the tufting twine attached.

The other photo is of the back, so you can see the prong button finished and the wire eyed buttons with the string tied around the cotton balls. All of these Buttons with wire eye are going to have to be changed to the Button with prong type to make the tufts fold in.

The covering is Stiff, (doesn’t want to fold into the tufts)

Heating may be the answer to this problem. Don’t use an extra thick of stiff Leather or vinyl. Change you’re customers mind so you don’t run into that problem. I use a hair drier to warm up the covering.

Now if you’re still having problems, it’s most likely the basic steps are not working out properly, and you’re next answer is to sew in the tufts. If you sew them in short of the programmed fold the stitches will not show. When sewing make sure you don’t sew into the button pocket area, so the button won’t be above the stitching.

Don’t be an Upholsterer that has to tell their customer that he doesn’t know how. You definitely charge more for a tufted job than a straight one. There are also a lot of Upholsterers out there that are leery about Re-Upholstering Recliners.

As the old saying goes. The Cost is long forgot, when the beauty still remains.

I hope that this will build you confidence. I’ve started a Q & A section on my web site which is basically for furniture Upholstery, but anyone can answer an a place also for pictures.

Article by:  Merv, Merv’s Upholstery & Work at Home Training Videos

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