Type Of Dye To Use On Dresses

I am planning an inexpensive wedding and will most likely be wearing a bridesmaids dress for the ceremony. However, most of the dress styles I’m interested in only come in certain colors. Is it possible to get a dress of this type dyed? I was told by one store that the colors would run as soon as the dress got wet. Can a dress be dyed more than once?

Dear Nancy,
Well, it all depends.
1. The fiber content of the dress, 2. The color it is, 3. The color you want it to be. It sounds like you are talking about an acetate taffeta or satin dress; yes, the color is unstable and cannot be re-dyed. Also, in general, you cannot dye anything a lighter color. So if your dress is baby pink, for example, you can only dye it darker pink or red.
In my opinion, it would be far easier to find a dress at resale or consignment that suits you just as it is!! Congratulations and have fun!

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