Type of fabric for reversible fur coat?

Which fabric is the best for a nice reversible fur coat?
By: Dora Sylvia

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have to ask you a few questions first,
    Is it real fur or fake fur?
    What is the end use of the coat.  To stay very warm or for looks/costume?
    What type of fur if real?

    There are so many linings on the market these days and depending on what your end use for the coat is then you need to keep in mind a few things.  If you, yourself are wearing it then comfort should be your biggest priority.  I will get very warm in a heavy coat and tend to use a lighter lining in my fake furs, slightly heavier in real furs.  For costuming I tend to not use any linings because I am usually using something fake and it will be too hot to begin wit on stage.  I made a wool coat for a client once that the client is a small, slight woman who tends to get cold and lives in a very cold climate.  The lining I used was thinsulate.  Very, very warm but very light weight as the jacket already weighed quite a bit after being felted.  Hope this helps.  please get in touch again with what your fiber contend is and I can better help. Thanks.