Types of Broadcloth

There are different types of broadcloth.  Here the most commonly used:

Wool Broadcloth

The characteristics of wool broadcloth are slightly different from other broadcloth. It is usually twill with a two up and one down construction. The fabric is fulled after weaving. Fulling is a process where the cloth is cleansed, shrunk and thickened with moisture, heat and pressure. It has a napped face and is closely sheared and polished.


Cotton Broadcloth

 Broadcloth cotton is possibly the most common type of broadcloth fabric today. The broadcloth cotton fabric is either made of 100% cotton or made of a blend of cotton and polyester or rayon.





Silk Broadcloth

Silk Broadcloth is a soft, lightweight silk with a cotton-like feel. It has a dull luster, with a flat, smooth surface. Holds creases well, and makes excellent tailored dress shirts and light blouses. Very easy to sew, doesn’t show pin marks.

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