Stains In Ultrasuede

suedeDear Jennifer:
I purchase a pair of ultrasuede pants–they are totally cotton lined and are quite heavy. Really warm for our Northern winters. However, somehow I managed to get grease stains or something on them. When I washed them according to instructions, the stains did not come out. What can I do to save these pants. Please reply. Thanking you in advance.

A quick search at Google turned up this information page: http://www.ultrasuede.com/about/care.html. Ultrasuede is designed to be very easy care and most stains should come out with mild detergent. I am particularly fond of Stainstick. It’s mild and hasn’t hurt anything yet that I’ve tried it on. Extra good for grease and protein stains. Try treating the spots with Stainstick and wash by hand first. See if that does the trick.
Good luck,

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