Ultrasuede Is Polyester

Jennifer — A friend has “handed down” a lovely washable suede skirt. The only problem is the color: It’s a butternut yellow which looks great on her (a red-head), but not so hot on me. I’m wondering if I can dye it darker. I thought perhaps a black dye might turn it taupe or khaki or grayish. Anything more grayish would be good. Any suggestions?

Dear Anna,
Your washable suede skirt is most likely ultrasuede, which is polyester. This is a difficult fabric to dye. You are definitely one step ahead if you are not specifically determined on the color.
If it is genuine leather, then do a quick Google search for leather dyeing. There is a place in Colorado that will re-dye leather goods. I found it once, but don’t have the link right now.
Good luck!

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