Underlining To Stretch Fabric

Hi Andy,
I wanted to know if it is possible to line (underline) a non-stretch piece of clothing with a fabric that does have a 4 way or 2 way stretch to it? Also do you know where I can find more information on sewing linings into women’s clothing? Information such as the types of sewing techniques for lining a garment, the types of stitches, needles & the sewing machine settings that should be used, all the different types of linings, reasons for using linings, the pros and cons of using linings & where can I find the fabrics to use as linings.

Dear Rachel: I don’t really do much sewing, so I’m passing this to our expert resident seamstress, Judith. Good Luck, Andy

Rachel, yes, it is possible to line or underline a non-stretch with a fabric that has 4 or 2 way stretch, however why would you do this? Lining garments is done to prolong the life of the outer fabric as well as give a lighter weight fabric more of an opaque look.

The other questions that you ask can usually be found in a good sewing book, such as the Vogue sewing book or others that you should be able to find either at a fabric store or in your local library.

To find lining fabrics, if you can’t find them locally, just go to http://info.fabrics.net/swatch and, using the directions for submitting a fabric request, fill out a request form. The sources/stores who have the lining will contact you directly.

Thank You!

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