Unforgettable Forgotten Fashion

Like usual I am hunting in the second hand book store for little treasures that I will add to my growing collection of fashion, clothing, fiber, or technique books and my mom pops around the corner and says, “Kirsten you got to take a look at this!”  So for about twenty minutes my mom and I are reading to each other out of this book and laughing out loud.  People are staring, and kind of making that “this is a book store, be quite” look at us.  But who cares when you have a really entertaining book in your hands, and to make things better it’s about fashion.  The book is Forgotten Fashion An Illustrated faux History of Outrageous Trends and Their Untimely Demise by Kate Hahn and illustrated by Andrae` Gonzalo of season two of Project Runway.  Even though the designs aren’t real, after reading this book you’ll wish they were.  It’s the humorous side of the sometimes too serious fashion world.  I just know you’ll love this one.

Forgotten Fashion

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