Use and Misuse of Detergent, continued


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Textile care and detergents created some interesting discussions in addition to conversations with mothers and which detergents to use.  Performance fabrics which are found in sports apparel also require knowledge of laundery equipment and products.Pearl Izumi Women’s Barrier Convertible Jacket,Green Flash,Large


Never use detergents with fabric softeners, perfumes or any additive type product; The general rule of thumb is the simpler the better.; Many detergents with additives leave “surfactants” behind on a fabric’s fibers that inhibit

Perfumes aren’t the only additive left on textiles after washing.  In addition to optic whiteners, additives that “kill bacteria”, soften fabric, there are other additives like soda.  One experiment we all could try is to put a load of clean towels in the washer and run through the wash and rinse cycle without any detergent.  During the wash cycle check to see if the water is clear.  When I did this I found soap suds in the water.  Using half of the detergent suggested on the detergent container is one answer, loading the washing machine with smaller amounts of clothes is yet another answer.Allergy & Acne-free Clothes – Kat Khadija Leverette


Problem: Laundry detergents, additives and fabric softeners can leave harmful residues that can irritate sensitive skin, cause a severe case of contact dermatitis, and worsen your acne or eczema. What to look for: Acne or dermatitis on one


Some suggest vinegar as a natural fabric softner however fabric softners coat the fibers, vinegar doesn’t.  What vinegar does is help rinse away the detergent.  Kitchen Hint: Natural fabric softener « The EssentiaList


Kitchen Hint: Natural fabric softener. by Catherine Haug, January 6, 2013. To see all kitchen hints on this site, see: Kitchen Hints. If you’d like to submit a kitchen hint, send it to me and I’ll publish it. Note that if you don’t want your name used,


Conclusios?  Wash smaller loads with less detergent and run the clothes through the rinse cycle twice.  Is this harming the environment or using too much water?  It may be 6 of one half a dozen of the other if a comparison was made with the cost of chemicals added to soften clothes or the cost of water used to rinse clothes twice.

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