Uses for nylon chiffon fabric

nylon chiffon fabricChiffon used to be made of silk but because silk is expensive, it evolved into other fibers such as polyester, cotton blends, rayon and nylon chiffon fabric. Since it is sheer and a tricot knit, it works best for draping, gathering, shirring and tucking.

Uses for nylon chiffon fabric


Since nylon chiffon is lightweight, it has an airy appearance and feel. Thus, it is perfect for decorative scarves. Most often it is used as accent for blouses and gowns like sashes and ties. It can also be used simply as pony tail accent.

Occasion Dress

Nylon chiffon fabric is used for bridal gowns and other types of formal wear. It is often used on top of another fabric. It can be draped or gathered to create a more solid appearance.


When it comes to skirts, nylon chiffon fabric is the preferred material for layering. It is used for adding volume or can also be used for lining. Additionally, this fabric can be used as a backing for appliques, beading and embroidery.


Chiffon fabric is considered feminine. It is used for lingerie or nightgowns.

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