Uses of Silk Organza

Silk organza Silk is more expensive than polyester organza but is lighter in actual weight and is much easier to manipulate than the man made organzas.  Becaise the silk organza is more expensive, careful planning of its use is necessary to make the most out of your fabric and of course, your money.out of your fabric and of course, your money.


Silk organza, while being lightweight and soft on skin is a stiff material. This characteristic allows it to be used most often in bridal dresses to create an airy look. If you are aiming for a bouffant look for your evening gowns as well as loose blouses, this fabric would be the best to use.

Additionally, silk organza is being used as an underlining to protect fabrics with more delicate material like those of bridal dresses.


Silk organza fabric is one of the best materials that can be dyed very quickly. With this, a number of accessories can be made using this fabric; bands and bags are some of the few examples.

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Home Furnishing and Decors


Organza silk, being stiff can be perfectly mold into flowers for home decors. There are also curtains made from this fabric. Although this fabric may look delicate, it is strong and you can have it embroidered and embellished to customized your curtains.

There are still other uses for silk organza fabric. With its elegant characteristic, it will undeniably bring the same elegance whether to your dress or your furnishing.


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