Uses of Silk Velvet

Uses of Silk Velvet

All velvet fabrics can be dyed effectively with deep colors. Dark shades are preferred because it can highlight the rich pile of the fabric.

Most often, silk/rayon blend velvet is used for flowing dresses and evening wear which emphasize its soft drape.

Meanwhile, synthetic velvet made completely of acetate or rayon is less expensive and easier to care for and is often substituted for a silk/rayon blend. This type of velvet can be used for all types of soft garments.

For both home decorating and clothing, cotton velvet is the most suitable. Vests, skirts, blazers and coats can be made from cotton velvet. It’s also used for costumes. The durability of cotton velvet also makes it ideal for home furnishings. Sumptuous bed coverings, upholstery, draperies and cushions can be made from cotton velvet.




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