Using Reactive Procion Dyes

Hello Jennifer, I’ve been reading your article at fabrics.net and was hoping you could clarify some things for me about my hopeful project. I just bought a 3/4 length corduroy coat on eBay. It’s cotton and cream colored. I was hoping to dye it an emerald to grass shade of green, but even a darker shade would be acceptable. Is it possible for me to use the reactive Procion dyes from Dharma to do this myself, or do I have to send the coat away? The tag says it is washable, and I’m willing to live with cream colored lining and thread:) Also, because I’m a complete rookie, are the products listed on this page: http://www.maiwa.com/home/supply/index.html comparable to those at Dharma? I’m hopeful because they are a Canadian supplier. Thank you for your time.

Hi Amber,
Well, you could try it! Keep in mind that you will be adding color to the cream that you have there, and that the thread will remain its current color. I really doubt if you will be able to get emerald – but you might be able to get a medium green, more like summer grass color. The reactive dyes from Maiwa are the same as those at Dharma, but Dharma (and also Prochemical) has many, many more color choices. You can try it yourself if you are willing to risk it and IF it will fit easily and loosely in your washing machine. If you want to consult with a dye service, contact www.dyeproservices.com about sending it to them – they are located in Alberta.

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