Using Tintex On A Jean Jacket

I have been trying to dye a jean jacket black, but it turned to navy blue. I followed the instructions carefully, even did it twice. The brand that I am using is ‘Tintex’. I don’t want to bleach the jacket before dyeing it, because I’m afraid it will ruin the fabric. Do you have any suggestions/tips on how to dye denim.
Thanks Luisa

Dear Luisa,
It is very difficult to dye anything a really deep black. Especially denim, which by definition is white/unbleached and indigo blue. I am unfamiliar with tintex dye and its process and characteristics.
My suggestion is to visit www.dharmatrading.com, request a printed catalog, and look it over carefully. After you read everything they say about dyeing cotton black, either call them or email them and ask for their suggestion for your jacket. The reactive dyes have several black colors – a red black, a blue black, a green black, etc. Another thought: I have had good luck with the very simple-to-use industrial dyes (also from dharma), using them to over dye black. You probably won’t get deep, saturated black with these, but you will move closer to the color you desire.
Maybe you should look on eBay for a black denim jacket?
have fun,

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