Using Voile Fabric as Party Favor Bag

Making Voile Fabric Party Favor Bag

One of the great uses of sheer fabrics like voile fabric is using them as favor bag. It is elegant for wedding or baptismal events and easy to sew.

  1. Decide first what will be the content of your party favor bag. This saves you from redoing the bag when you realize the item cannot fit.
  2. Add 1 1/4 inches to the finished size on the sides, and 3 inches to the finished size at the top. A bag the size of a 3- by 5-inch card requires a 4 1/2- by 8-inch rectangle, and this is about the smallest desirable size for a favor bag.
  3. Fold the voile horizontally to match the length measurement of the bag to save fabric. This would be 8 inches for the 3 by 5-inch size. Use the fold of the fabric to cut the bags to avoid a bottom seam and make the bag in all one piece. This saves stitching time and better displays the contents of the pouch. Cut one bag and make a sample.
  4. Sew the side seams from bottom to top using a sewing machine and leave one side open 3 inches from the top.Turn the seam to the inside. Roll the open edge left on the side to the inside and stitch with a small seam. Press the top with a cool iron to fold 1/4 inch inside and fold down another 1 1/4 inches for the casing to hold the ribbon. Stitch one seam at the edge and another seam 3/4 inch from the edge at the top of the bag. This creates a casing and a ruffle.
  5. Cut ribbon about 10 inches long or longer for a large bag, since the ribbon needs to be twice the width plus about 4 inches extra for the knot and tie. Pin a safety pin to the end of the ribbon and run it through the casing between the two rows of stitching so there is a ruffle at the top. Tie an overhand knot to secure the ends. Check the sample for size and make any adjustments needed before cutting the rest of the bags.
  6. Cut the voile bags individually with scissors or use a cutting mat and rotary cutter to cut more than one at a time by folding the voile and using a ruler as a guide.
  7. Sew the bags in a continuous line without cutting the thread, starting with the closed side, then the open side. Cut the bags apart and turn them. Sew the rolled side seam and stop to press. Press all bags at the same time and resume sewing the casing and ruffle. Cut ribbon and run it through the cased opening for each bag. Tie the ribbon ends.

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