W.W.2 Burberry Coat

Hi Andy!
Great site you have there an I do hope you can help me. I have a Burberry coat on eBay right now and I just realized that I may have one that is from the WWII era. I am sending some photos along with this email. It doesn’t have the typical markings that the new Burberry coats have according to some questions people have asked. Underneath the Burberry tag on the coat there is a small white tag that says “rotary” with a sequence of numbers after it. This is a woman’s 12 long rain coat. No other ID – it is 33% cotton and 87% polyester. Any ideas? I would hate to have this go for dirt cheap if it is a collectible.

Dear Claice; the beauty of eBay is that if there are buyers out there, they will find the coat and bid it up. As with all vintage items, they are only worth what someone is willing to pay. You can always cancel the auction or buy it back. Good Luck, Andy

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