Washing Winter Coat


I have a lovely, good quality 80% laine wool, 20% cashmere Maxmara knee length winter coat (viscose navy lining) which I never wear because navy (i.e. dark) blue. What are my chances of successfully dyeing it black? A) in my washing machine? In which case how should I dry it (party in a tumble dryer – if it shrank a little it would probably still be ok size wise)? B) through a dry cleaning shop that does dying Bev

Hi Bev,
Dry cleaners don’t dye anymore, and you can’t do it yourself. Please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 for basic info. Here’s the link:
You can consult with Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com or another dye house, www.knitweardoctors.com, for more information.

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