Wax Removal Help!

How do I remove a large quantity of candle wax from a purple cotton knit shirt?
By: Laura Kruss

One Response to “Wax Removal Help!”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Laura,

    First harden the wax by using an ice cube or put the shirt in a plastic bag then place it in the freezer for several minutes or more. Remove the excess hardened wax with a table knife.

    Using a paper bag and paper towels, place the shirt on the paper towels making sure you have the wax on the paper towel. Place paper towels over wax on the shirt and iron with a warm iron. Repeat, changing the paper towels each time until no more wax can be ironed out. Treat the remaining spot with a spot cleaner and wash the shirt. DO NOT put the shirt in the dryer until you are sure all of the wax has been removed.

    Hope this helps!