Weaving Techniques

weavingDear Andy,
My name is Stevie, I am from New Zealand. I am in the sixth form at Wellington Girls’ College (which means I’m sixteen.) I am entering the ‘Young Designers Fashion Awards’ in New Zealand, this is a big event for students to present their design creativity in the clothing and design industry. It is really important to me that I do my absolute best in this. My inspiration for this project is ‘Gucci’ and his designs and techniques that he uses for designing and making his clothes. I am having a bit of trouble, as I have looked on the main internet site for Gucci, but it isn’t exactly what I hoped for, and I was reading some of the advice you give and was wondering if you could help me please??? If so, I was wondering if you had any idea how he does that sort of weaving technique, its almost like fish scales, because that is the main feature I want to focus on researching, but haven’t had much luck. Also if you have any other information or know anything about Gucci’s structural and applied design techniques, please tell me. I know you are a very busy person but I REALLY need help on this, and would be so grateful if you could help!!!! Thanks so so much. Please get back to me.

Dear Stevie: Sorry, but I can’t be of much help with Gucci or his fabrics. What I can tell you, is that many major name designer companies, have custom fabrics made for them, which are not available anywhere else. This is another part of their design philosophy that keeps them unique. Stay on course and Good Luck in school. Andy

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