Wedding dress lining – can you dye/stain it darker

Hello experts!

I recently saw my wonderful lace wedding dress – unfortunately the ivory charmeuse lining under the ivory lace is not the color that was anticipated (too light, darker color would make the lace pattern pop out more)

I’m wondering if there is any possiblility that I could darken the ivory lining underneath myself (since it cannot be replaced)?  I realize this would be an extremely delicate process in order not to color the overlying lace, but I think the two layers can be seperated enough that it could work.

1) Will charmeuse take a stain/dye?

2) What would you suggest using for the coloring?  I’ve done tea-bag staining myself on other cotton garment…seems that could be a gradual process of darkening the fabric to the ideal shade.

3) Is this an absolutely terrbile idea?  Obviously I don’t want to ruin my dress, but the alterations department isn’t making any other suggestions :/

Here is the dress (in the cafe lining which is too dark for my skin tone).



Thanks for any input you have!



By: Nichole

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  1. DizzyLettuce says:

    What a beautiful dress!
    The description doesn’t say if the charmeuse lining is silk or what. However, I have to advise you would be playing with fire here. Wedding dresses, especially fitted ones, are carefully constructed & shouldn’t be treated with any water based process. If the lining is polyester charmeuse, you could possibly darken it with tea dye. If it is silk, it may shrink or twist & ruin the fit.

    If it were mine, I’d test the dress in the lighting & setting of the wedding first. You never know how the lace will show up until the exact situation & photos.
    Blessings to the wedding, Jennifer