Were To Get It Printed

Hi Andy,
My girlfriend and I are avid scrap bookers wanting to start our own paper line except using fabric as our paper. We are unsure of the process it takes to stiffen a piece of fabric to use like a piece of paper. Would it be more cost effective to use a liquid stiffening process or a paper backing process? How do we go about finding a fabric manufacturer who would be willing to print our designs? OR would be willing to let us use their fabric and designs. We have all these ideas, but we are at a loss of where to start, any info you can supply to us with would be ever so greatly appreciated!!!!
Thank You for your time,

Dear Wendy: These are all great questions.
First, I think that you need to do some more research.
We recently, came across a company, while exhibiting at The Special Event Show that can laminate fabric to paper. Visit their web site www.permalin.com. I’d also suggest you work with a consultant in the craft and paper industry that may be able to guide you along the path. Maureen Barten can be reached by writing her at mbarten@purpleQ.com. She has many years of knowledge in the market you are trying to go into.
Consider attending the upcoming Craft and Hobby Industry (wholesale) trade show. It opens February 12 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit their web site at www.chashow.org. We look forward to seeing you there. We will be in booth 3125. Come by and say hello. Good Luck, Andy

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