What is a Bobbin Thread?

What is Bobbin Thread?

A bobbin thread is not the thread that is often used in a bobbin. Most often, the thread used in the upper threading and the bobbin of a sewing machine is the same. A bobbin thread is a very lightweight thread.

This type of thread is the thread used for machine embroidery or basting. It allows the back of the applique or the design to be less dense than the front design. It works best and helpful when you are embroidering a light weight fabric.  This prevents the dense embroidery to be more dense and rigid than the fabric and keeps it more pliable than it would be with regular thread in the bobbin.

When used for machine basting, in many instances,  it can be left in rather than fighting to remove the basting. This thread is more delicate thread than your regular sewing thread. Since bobbin thread is a thinner thread, it will not be as over powering as regular weight sewing thread. A machine blind stitch sewn with bobbin thread on shear fabric can be much more invisible than if it is sewn with regular thread.

Definition of Terms


A bobbin is a spindle or cylinder, with or without flanges, on which yarn,or thread is wound. As used in spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, or lacemaking, the bobbin provides temporary or permanent storage for yarn and may be made of plastic, metal, bone or wood.




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