What is a broadcloth?

Broadcloth defintion

Broadcloth is a dense woollen cloth. Modern broadcloth can be composed of cotton, silk, or polyester, but traditionally broadcloth was made solely of wool. The dense weave lends sturdiness to the material.

Wool Broadcloth is a smooth woolen twill fabric that is napped to hide the warp and weft. Is used for jackets, mens formal, mens suits, womens suits and evening coats.

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Broadcloth Broad”cloth, n. A fine smooth-faced woolen cloth for men’s garments, usually of double width (i.e., a yard and a half); — so called in distinction from woolens three quarters of a yard wide. [1913 Webster] broadcloth n

Broadcloth as an all around Fabric

There are many different types of popular fabric leather, silk and denim are only some them. Broadcloth fabric is another type that is very durable, very soft and light

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