What Does The Dye Affect on My Cloths

clothsHey there,
I came across you site when looking for dye to re-dye my black fabrics. I saw the website you recommend, with the industrial dye you recommend for re-coloring faded fabrics www.dharmatrading.com The problem is, many of my black pants have ribbon/lace/colored stitching trim on them, and the shirts have some sort of design on them.. will the black dye affect these parts as well? Or do you think the ribbon/lace/appliqué’s will stand up? Also, since you seem to have used the industrial dyes to re-dye blacks before, do you know about how long the “new” black will last? I appreciate your response. I’m excited at the prospect of getting my “blacks” back to black instead of charcoal grey! Regards, Jessica W.

IF the ribbons, stitching, etc are polyester (which they most probably are), they will not be affected by the dye. Appliqués that are rayon will dye (some are). The first rule of dyeing is, It’s All An Experiment. If it doesn’t work, time to go shopping. I don’t know how long the over dyeing will last. Generally for me it’s lasted until I am sick of the garment.

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