What is the fabric used in living Statue costume?

What is the fabric used in living Statue costume?

I want to make a costume of living statue. I am facing difficulty in getting the right fabric. Kindly hlp me by suggesting the fabric which can be used to make a living statue costume and where to buy that fabric?

Follwing links will help you in getting the reference of my desired results. Kindly go through it.





By: Sachin Jain

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  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Dear Sachin,
    There are a number of fabrics this could be. My best guess after watching the video’s (thank you BTW those were incredible) is that there are at least two fabrics incorporated in these ‘statue’ costumes. A painted lycra and a stiffened, painted, canvas. Both fabrics can be purchased just about anywhere. The hard part is going to be painting it to look the way you want. Spray paint and various other airbrush mediums are going to work but make sure to either use a water proof paint or coat the outfit later with some kind of waterproofing. Good luck, hope that helps.