What is Habutai Silk?



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Habutai pronounced [hah-buh-tahy] or Habotai is sometimes referred to as China silk.  This is a very smooth plain weave fabric that is lustrous but does not have a high sheen.  Used extensively as a lining for garments, sheets, and scarves it is also perfect for a lining for sleep sacks or sleeping bags especially for back packers.  The light weight of this silk added to the easy care make it perfect for hiking and bicycle sports.


Because the surface of this silk is so smooth, artists often chose China Silk for painting and even Nuno Felting.  Things I’ve learned lately…: Nuno Felting with Silk Habotai


I thought I would share some of the things I have learned about nuno felting with silk habotai. It is so beautiful, but you just need to know how to use it. Silk Habotai is a denser or more tightly woven fabric than chiffon, so it


Because of the smooth surface, this fabric lends itself to silk wrap nail care. Supernail China Silk Wrap 1.8 m Fabric – Hand & Nagelcremes



Supernail China Silk Wrap 1.8 m Fabric (Hände und Nägel) Feature. Pure silk fabric for added strength & protection; 72″ china silk fabric. …. Star Nail Fiberglass Silk Pro Kit (Nagelbehandlung… Aveda Hand Relief Handcreme


Favorite legend of the origin of silk.  The Ancient Art of Chinese Silk Embroidery | Asian Lifestyle Design



There are many legends of the origin of silk, but this story from the American Museum of Natural History is my favorite . Empress Xi-Ling, was drinking hot.




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