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What inspires you to sew or knit or crochet or cross stitch?  Does the pattern come first or the fabric or do you need a dress to wear or a gift or ?



Menna van Praag: 31 Days of Daily Inspiration From Brilliant Women


March is National Women’s History Month. To celebrate and commemorate the contribution of great women through the ages, I’ll be posting a daily inspirational quote from 31 famous women who’ve changed our world, along


I really got side tracked yesterday when I started looking at a Pinterest page with hand painted and hand dyed fabric.  One of many artists that I found is Peggotty Art Wear.    Once I learned what words to use for the search, many web sites came up under Art Wear.  Other Pinterest boards to inspire can be found by searching Pinterest for Wearable Art or Hand Dyed Art Wear.  Prepare to be impressed!


Silver Seed Clothing brings together artists and fashion lovers and produces leggings that are beautiful!  Silver Seed Clothing Launches Leggings for Art Lovers – LadyLux


Keri Wilson creates Silver Seed Clothing, a fashion brand that brings art loves and fashion enthusiasts together by way of leggings.


Art Wear is not new.  This company has been around for a while. Handmade Hypoallergenic Clothing – Alpaca Artwear Cultivates and


Alpaca Artwear is a social business that sells handmade hypoallergenic scarves and hats for men, women and children. It began after the founder spent time in the Peace Corps in Andean Colombia. “The Andean culture


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