What is FabricFinder and How Can You Help?

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Have you ever run out of fabric for a project you are making?  What do you do if the store where you originally got the fabric has sold out of that fabric?

How do you find this fabric?  Your calling the fabric manufacturer isn’t the answer.  Manufacturers produce thousands of yards of fabric per day and knowing where each type of their fabric is sold on a retail level just isn’t possible.  When we first started Fabrics.net in 1997 we tried helping each person on their quest to find fabrics but soon the phone calls numbered over 50 per day.  Enter the FabricFinder.  Just post your FabricFinder request and the stores and sources in the US and Canada will contact you if they have the fabric or notion.

Image via Flickr

Anyone can help!  If you aren’t a store but have seen the fabric in a store near you or online, feel free to contact the person who posted a FabricFinder request.

If you have this fabric in your stash, feel free to contact the FabricFinder requester.

We have also pinned the fabric photo on Pinterest along with the URL of the FabricFinder area where the requester can be contacted.

The FabricFinder is a free service from Fabrics.net




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