What is Silk Charmeuse?

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Silk Charmeuse pronounced [shahr-moos] is  a lustrous satin on one side, pebble type crepe on the other side.  Both sides can be used to create dramatic one color interest with texture by alternating satin then crepe sides.  Silk Charmeuse drapes like water, feels like liquid on the skin.

And now Vera Wang talks about Wedding dresses and silk charmeuse:  Advice from Vera Wang!


For daring and provocative, I recommend silk charmeuse; one of the most glamorous and luxurious fabrics, it was a favorite of Hollywood sirens such as Jean Harlow. However, silk charmeuse as well as jersey and chiffon are

Silk Charmeuse can sometimes be tricky to sew as one blogger discovered:Lining of the Macaron – zilredloh

http://zilredloh.com/Feb 11

It went a lot faster than I would have guessed given the fact that it’s silk charmeuse, one of the slickest & shiftiest fabrics ever. The yoke of the bodice was underlined in matching silk charmeuse and bound with bias strips so there was no need to line the top portion of the bodice as well.

Using tissue paper strips on the top of the seam you are sewing as well as a tissue paper strip on the bottom of the seam you are sewing can make sewing with slippery fabrics easier.  After sewing the seam, just tear the tissue paper away and discard.

Image via Flickr

Silk Charmeuse is beautiful in blouses, draped dresses, lingerie, sheets, pillowcases and bias cut evening gowns.  

Apply perfume and/or deodorant before you put on your silk garment.  Small drops of hair spray can and will add unwanted spots to silk fabric.   

Silk that has been pre-treaterd or washed prior to construction can be washed easily at home.  

One blogger found a wonderful baby blanket that I am sure is washable.  Scout-a Mom’s guide to stylish living – The very best baby blanket

http://feedproxy.google.com/Feb 7

It is made of a super soft, organic velour and edged with a natural silk charmeuse ruffle. What I love about it is the size and the weight. It’s not too big, so she can have it in the crib with her. Yet, it’s just big enough to cover her up on cold nights.

The language of silk is used to describe perfume?  Now Smell This – Parfums M Micallef Ylang in Gold – fragrance review – Now Smell This

http://www.nstperfume.com/Dec 10, 2012

I have to go back to silk here — Ylang in Gold wears like a honey-toned charmeuse gown. Ylang in Gold is as smooth as silk charmeuse. It’s whipped into a soft, creamy blend that reminds me of custard. Like custard, Ylang in Gold transforms and unites its materials into a mellifluous whole.

Has anyone tried Ylang perfume?




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