What is Terial Arts?

Introduction to Terial Arts

http://www.terialarts.com This video looks at what Terial Arts is all about and how Terial Magic solution can turn your fabric into a workable piece to creat…

Have you ever wished you had a fabric that wouldn’t fray, could be ironed into shapes…..all without the use of a sewing machine?!?  Well look what Terry is doing with her Terial Magic spray.  Described as a Dimensional Fabric Art, the  Terial Magic Spray works on most fabrics.


You can use the patterns from Terial Arts to create your own unique flower or design your own pattern. 

You want new patterns? We got em! | Terial Arts

http://www.terialarts.comFri, 26 Jul 2013 03:40:04 GMT

Terial Arts just launched three new patterns for you all! The NO SEW (yep, no sewing machine needed!) Hibiscus flower, great for adding a little tropical flavor to your wardrobe. Hibiscus Fabric Flower made with Terial Magic 

Please let us know if you have tried this new product!



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