What kind of questions should I be asking a garment dyer?

I am planning to hire a garment dyer to dye 371 organic fine jersey cotton t-shirts that I had made with a printed plastisol desgin imprinted on the t-shirts already. I want to know is there any specific questions I should be asking these dyers? What is a fair cost for dye this many pieces? Can I get organic dyes? What are the fees that I might incurr with dying these shirts? How long does this process normally take? Any help would really help. Thank you.


Sandy Lucido

By: Sandy Lucido

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  1. Jennifer Thompson Miller says:

    Hi Sandy,
    This is a big order & needs to be dyed by a professional dye house. I suggest that you ask them all the questions you have outlined here. They will have all the answers. The one thing I can tell you from my expertise: there are no “organic” dyes. There are natural dyes, but they are not necessarily non-toxic or safer to use. Ask your dyer what kinds of dyes they plan to use, & then research them.

    I suggest that you contact Sherry at http://www.fabricdyeing.com. She is wonderful & very helpful.