What kind of silk is this?

Hi, I’ve had an inexpensive silk scarf for years that I love, and I’d like to know the name of the fabric. I’ve calculated that it is 4 mm, and has a twill weave. It is very soft and floaty (no crispness at all), lustrous, and is very fragile. I could shred it easily by hand and it catches easily on rough fingers. Does twill come this fine? Or can gauze have a twill weave? I think I bought it from someone selling products from India in the college post office.
By: Sarah

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  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Sarah,
    What would help a lot is a picture because I can think of about three fabrics with that description. Yes Silk can have a twill weave. Generally speaking, anything with a twill weave is considered a twill; but if you are talking a very fine sheer fabric then it would be a gauze, georgette, chiffon or a handkerchief cotton swiss. Indian silks are notorious for being blended with cotton and over dyed, which makes them very fine and easily destroyed. Rough abrasive dyes and handling weakens the fibers and makes them very thin, in contrast the African cottons are dyed with vegetable dyes and other natural acquired colors that thicken the fibers and make them have a heavy drape if not particularly durable. Hope that helps.


  2. Judith says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just found a description of a silk fabric that sounds like your scarf. “Surah – Originated in Surat, northwestern India and taken to France for manufacturing.Soft silk, fine twill weave.” – Vintage Fabrics Identification and Value Guide

    Hope this helps!