What does “rare silk” mean?

In the book “Textiles – the Art of Mankind” by Mary Schoeser, I came across the following phrase: “Tsuruoka in Japan is a center of rare silk production, from raising silkworms to weaving.”

What does “rare silk” mean? A specific type of silk? A specific type of fabric? I know there is a shiny fabric by the name of “Tsuruoka silk” – is that it?

Many thanks for your help!


By: Christiane Morgenstern

One Response to “What does “rare silk” mean?”

  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Dear Christiane,
    All ‘rare silk’ means is that it is not easily accessible. Limited editions, low runs, hard to find, antique and no longer produced products are considered ‘rare’. It’s not a new kind of fabric although that could be included in the rare category. Hope that helps.