What is Scroop?


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Scroop is the sound that a silk taffeta dress makes when the model walks.  The sound is also described as “rustle”.    Taffeta made before 1930 may have been excessively weighted to produce a crisper fabric with more of the characteristic rustle or scroop.  Heavily weighted silk taffeta will shatter or split easily.

Remember Princess Diana’s Silk Taffeta Gown?  The Knot lists that dress in its Blog:  10 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses Ever – The Knot Blog — Wedding Dresses, Shoes, & Hairstyle …

http://blog.theknot.com/Jan 22

The embellished skirt of Jackie’s taffeta gown paired perfectly with her grandmother’s lace veil for a super romantic, heirloom look. Princess Diana’s Silk Taffeta Gown by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.



The word “Taffeta” is from the Persian word Taftah which is defined as a silken cloth derived from the verb taftan which means to shine, twist, spin.  A red taffeta gown is seen in Pearls of Style blog.  Anemone Cottage – 1807 Silk Taffeta Dress


I have been wanting to make a Regency ballgown forever (not that I have any need for one, but then I don’t have a need for any of the historical sewing projects, so who cares?). A few months ago I found this fashion plate and


Silk filament from one silk cocoon can measure from 1,000 to 2,000+ feet.  The production of silk is labor intensive making it costly for consumers who value this fabric’s beauty and luster and will willingly pay the price.  A faux silk taffeta is used in Roman Shades.  Front Slat Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Roman Shades


Front Slat Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Roman Shades @ shrsl.com/?~36ns. The Front Slat Faux Silk Taffeta Roman Shade is an ideal shade when you desire clean lines and structure. Simple by design, the shade has slats sewn into the face of

Silk deteriorates in the sun so it is wise to line any silk drape or curtain.  Wherever you use your silk taffeta, enjoy!









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