What is Silk Crepe Back Satin?


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The right side of the Silk crepe back satin is the satin weave which  gives this ever-popular, lustrous, drapable silk part of its name.  Satin dates to the Middle Ages where it originated in Zaytoun (Zaitin, Canton), China. When satin arrived in Europe in the twelfth – thirteenth centuries the spelling was aceytuin and in Italy, zetain. From the original Chinese spelling the term was contracted to zetin, finally to satin. By the fourteenth century, satin was the court favorite in England. Satin comes in many weights and styles, each nuance assigned its own name satin de chine, de Lyons, Duchesse, Turc, Serrano, panne, messaline, Merveilleux, Empresse, deBurges, crepe, Gree, alcyonne, deChypre and canton are but a few. The back of this fabric is the characteristic pebble type crepe created by the twisted yarns.

The quail colored double silk crepe back satin is one of the prettiest gowns I have seen!  Joanne Fleming Design: A year in design…..



of all the dresses just before they leave the studio for their moment in the spotlight….. One of the first weddings of the year was Cath’s…..and she chose this gorgeous quail coloured double silk crepe-back satin for her gown.


Using silk crepe back satin as a coat lining is a great investment!  The silk wears well, doesn’t change the temperature regulation of the outer coat fabric, and gives the feeling of luxury.  Silk Lining for a Couture Finish – Sewing Blog | BurdaStyle.com


Silk Crepe Back Satin. Photobucket. Quite an expensive choice, readers! This high-end silk is on the heavier side and is, therefore, a great lining for winter, adding warmth, elegance and breathability to a beautiful wool or fur


One design seen in several different weights and weaves of silk.  Olivia Luca: Empire Off-Shoulder Surplice


Deep wide Surplice “V” neck front and back. Straps sit just on the edge of the shoulder, approximately 1.5 ” wide. Empire waist and princess seams or fisheye darts (depending on skirt shape) Silk Crepe-Back Satin Silk Satin-Face Organza


Silk in any weight or weave is timeless.  Enjoy!



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