What is Silk Crepe de Chine?

Silk Crepe de Chine comes in several different weights, 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply, and 6 ply.  3 ply and 6 ply are usually available to designers.  Ply is the number of single yarns twisted together to form a ply yarn.  Thus 2 ply is two yarns twisted together, add another two yarns to the yarn twist and 4 ply silk crepe de chine is created add 2 more yarns and 6 ply is created and so on.  A crepe twist is simply alternating 2 S- (left handed) twist and 2 Z- (right handed) twist  yarns in the weft or filling of the weave  which creates the pebble or crepe effect.

An example of Silk Crepe de Chine plus a free blouse pattern can be found at Coletterie.  Free pattern to download: The sorbetto top | Coletterie


With its ultra simple construction (just two pattern pieces plus some bias tape, and no closures needed), elegant loose cut shaped with bust darts, and the box pleat detail down the front, this is a pattern you can throw together in a huge range of fabrics for summer. This version was made in a coral pink crepe de chine, with bias tape made in the same fabric. …. it is gorgeous! thank you so much for offering this free pattern :) this gives me an excuse to try out 4-ply silk!


Considered by some to be the top of the line silk, the 4 ply works beautifully in the classic Little-Black-Dress as well as the Go-Anywhere-Black-Slack.  Because 4 ply is more than twice the weight (40 MM) per linear yard as the 2 ply silk Crepe de Chine (16 MM), this silk can be tailored into a jacket or even a light weight coat.


Silk Caftan Cocktail Dress


This 4-ply silk pieces characterized by everyone as glamorous in look and touch when on. The belted waist allows for a clean structured skirt with Piece comes with asymmetrical darts and belt. Content: 100% 4ply silk crepe, 100%silk habotai.

So many choices, so many colors!  Enjoy!






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