What is Silk Tulle?


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Silk Tulle – Tulle is French and is named after Tulle, France, where the fabric was first made by machine in 1768.   Tulle is pronounced [tool]  and  is a fine, diaphanous, lightweight fabric produced from silk, cotton or other fibers.



Since tulle does not ravel, hemming is not necessary although beading can be used on the bottom of hems for a fancy finish.  Silk tulle is much softer than nylon or polyester tulle.Multi colored silk tulle gown | Esposa Beirut


This Multi colored silk tulle gown with dogwood -oral embroidery from the spring 2013 collection is simply captivating. Don’t you think? 58193_399701693453611_1776428901_n. This entry was posted in Bridal Gown by


More news from New York Fashion Week The Denver Post – New York Fashion Week designers emphasize evening wear – The Denver Post

http://www.denverpost.com/Feb 13

Many lovely party dresses were paired with the coats, including beaded “plaid” designs in organza or embroidered tulle, and a full-skirted midnight blue silk ottoman gown worn with a fox and velvet shrug. Midnight silk ottoman gown with fox and velvet shrug.


If you wonder which tulle you should have for your wedding veil, just ask your wedding photographer.  If he/she has photographed both silk tulle and nylon tulle, the answer will be an immediate “Silk”.  Our silk tulle weighs almost an ounce per linear yard.







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