What is Supima Cotton

After blogging yesterday about facts to consider when buying sheets, I found more information to add.

Pima cotton is the generic name for extra-long staple cotton that is grown in the US, Australia, Peru and a few other countries. A finer cotton fiber, the length of pima cotton is 1 3/8 inches or longer. Supima cotton is a trademark name used to promote and market the American Pima cotton. Egyptian cotton is cotton grown in egypt but not all fabrics and items termed Egyptian cotton is 100% extra-long staple cotton. Thus sheets labeled 100% Egyptian cotton are basically cotton from Egypt but the cotton could be shorter fiber cotton grown in Egypt and long staple cotton grown in Egypt. Supima Cotton is 100% Pima cotton.

Supima Cotton – US Grown Pima | Fashion Group International



Be sure to come to our event this week, 9/1 @ 4 pm. Supima: A Century of Cultivating Cotton By ARTHUR FRIEDMAN While its lineage is as fuzzy as a ball of cotton, the mission of Supima is clear — to promote, improve and


If anyone has had garments from Pima cotton, you might have questioned whether or not the garment was 100% cotton it was so soft and resists wrinkling, pilling and fading. You may have also noticed that there was less lint in your dryer screen. The story of Pima Cotton by Brooks Brothers Clothing adds more interesting information.

Supima Cotton can be found in many garments for men, women, children and babies.  Sheets and towels also come in Supima Cotton.  Enjoy!

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