What Type Of Brand Should I Use

Good morning Jennifer,
I am in need of your advice. I am trying to find an appropriate brand of dye for fabric that is 90 %Rayon/8% Nylon/2% Spandex. I leaned up against a counter at work where someone had previously used some kind of bleaching agent, and my favorite navy sweater now has a small bleached streak on the front. I’m thinking it may be best to apply the dye to the affected area only with a brush or cotton ball. Please let me know what to use and how to best proceed. Thank you!

Dear Kathryn,
I am sorry, you can’t fix this yourself. If you want to consult the professionals, here are two resources:
You will need to send your sweater to them. Check it out and see if it’s worth it to you.
This happened to me with a suit skirt one time. The only thing I could figure out was that the copier servicer had come that day. Who knows what I got into. Oh well, it’s a lesson that clothing is finite! And that there is an abundance of favorite clothes in the world.

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