Where Are The Professionals?

professionalI would like to know if there are professionals who can dye clothing. I am in a wedding soon and the bride wants me to wear a butter (yellow) color suit. I found an ivory/gold brocade suit. I want to know if it will dye easy. It says dry clean only. Do you know of any professionals who can dye this item for me?
Your help is much needed.
Thanks Octavia

Dear Octavia,
Depending on the fiber content of the brocade, it may take the dye. I love the look of dyed brocade, which forms an interesting texture. BUT brocade shrinks and dyeing an already-constructed garment is risky. Please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 for more info. A better choice would be to get a brocade in the proper color, or buy white brocade and have it dyed, then constructed into the suit. If this is too much or you don’t have time, you will have to go shopping.
Best, Jennifer

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